Give me reason to code! plz…

It’s drama when you don’t know what to do!
This is simple story, I would like to receive some tasks to re-fresh my programming skills. I’m looking for motivation to workout.
It would be great exchange – you give me the tasks and I return results for you! Are you interested?
I can do some HTML, CSS, JavaScript, have done some PHP & MySQL development.
I can’t give you strong garantee, because just re-freshing my skills and participating in programming.
Just for fun I did anouncement for Cycling event and “installed” syntax highlighter to depict source code.
I have my learning environment on! Probably that will be the place you will see the results 😉
Please, give me reason to code! plz….


MySQL aizmirsu paroli (Ubuntu)

Gadījās tāda ķibele, ka aizmirsu MySQL root paroli! Kā rezultātā mani pētījumi WEB aplikāciju izstrādē apstājās.

Tad vienu dienu “ķēros vērsim pie ragiem” un ar atslēgas vārdu “How to reset mysql root password in Ubuntu” vērsos pie (vairāk…)