Daily Prompt: Conflicted – the second…

Daily Prompt: Conflicted

You’re in the middle of a terrible argument, and everyone turns to you to help resolve it. How do you respond? How do you react to conflict?

Is there any conflict?
And does anyone can help to resolve it?
And what is my respond?

Every day at morning I have an option to get up just after I woke up. But does it really matters?

My work contract was over and I become unemployed person. I was happy with that as I thougth there will be plenty of time to do what I always left for later time.
At the beginning I did what I did not do.
I visited couple of my friends. That was really great and fun.

Afterwards I realised that I start to run out of money.

So it take place to find new job.
I decide to become employee for international employer which would give me opportunity grow myself professionally and grow with company.
As I had programmer background I started to look over for advertisements from big companies. Already ,aprox. three years, didn’t do any real programming.

So I attend for bootcamp for Java programmer school. Passed Java and English tests. But was taken to another capability. It was good offer to start learning new technologies and to have shorter novociate. I was satisfied. It took month to perfom self-study course and start perform some task in new project.

But this project took only one month for me to participate in it. Client decided that they need more skilled person, they didn’t want have novice software developer. I understood their opinion and quited.

It took another month to find new project. And another month to get access for working environment. And more two month to get as many as two simple tasks to do. When I ask, can I have some task to do, asnwer is no. Well client has simple tasks, but have no time to set them for me. And my project lead don’t lead me to grow in this capability.

So I am left at my own.

Well I could do anything or do nothing. Client is paying for me. But feelings is not hapinness.
At least I try not to become a fruit, try to set up some tasks on my own and deal with them. It helps me to build my knowledge in technical area. But on another hand there is no good micro-climat in project and I miss communication with my team mates.

If I would not be in need to earn money I would quit and look for another employer to get daily tasks to do.
Yes, I am a little scary to quit. As I am not sure will I find new job to earn money for living.

There is still possibility for adventure – WWOOFing ( no money, but no worries about eating and roof over head ). I did some wwoofing in 2009′ in Scotland. But do I really need go abroad an look for adventure. It should be the time to set down and make a family. But I can’t afford it now.

If some one could lead me to grow in technical area and build my skills to be strong player in industry I would apriciate it. You are welcome to suggest how to cope with this situation or share your story about finding the way out …

Thank you!



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